• Our Glove - Premium Quality Natural or Synthetic

      ANTz Latex and its parent corporations, manufacture only top premium quality gloves that are accepted worldwide. Our gloves are the best forms of barriers that offer the best production against contamination and unwanted dangerous substances. Most suitable for application in medical, dental and laboratories use, electronic industries and others.

      We are committed to quality and innovation in our entire production process, from raw materials to our finished products. Our gloves are recognised internationally for superior quality, durability and comfort.

    • Manufacturing Capability

      We emphasize on industrial safety, clean environment, hygiene, and consistency in quality and productivity. Our annual production capacity is more than one billion pieces of natural latex and synthetic rubber gloves.

      • Certified to ISO.
      • Complies with Good Manufacturing Practices.
      • Full implementation of validation systems in production process.
      • Pre and post leaching.
      • On-line or Off-line chlorination and polymer coating.
      • Auto filling of chemicals, latex and leaching water.
      • Auto temperature control and stripping.
      • Effective wastewater treatment and gas scrubber system.
    • Our Gloves Quality Control

      Our stringent Quality Assurance and Control programme provides safe and dependable products. A fully equipped sophisticated laboratory for quality control - ensuring all gloves produced meet the necessary technical requirements.

      • Process validation system and automation assure quality consistency.
      • Quality management systems like ISO and GMP are adopted and carry out throughout the manufacturing process.
      • Stringent quality control procedures constantly call for batches of gloves to undergo inspections and testing before final approval for shipment.

      On-line production quality control of gloves for:

      • Watertight tests
      • Tensile strength and elongation at break of finished gloves
      • Protein level tests
      • Visual inspection

      Gloves packing are done in a clean air-conditioned room with utmost care to ensure maximum quality and hygiene. Highly qualified technologists in our Research and Development spare no effort and costs in continuous products upgrading. New production process are evaluated continuously for products improvement and cost reduction, striving to be in the forefront of the ever-increasing demand in products quality at lower cost.

      • Powdered Latex Gloves

        (Available in Non-Sterile)

        Latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex and good resistance to acids, alkalis and detergents. It is biodegradable, environmental friendly and highly preferred by users for its soft feel and touch, due to its elasticity and tensile strength.

        It provides barrier protection against any blood form substances or biohazards. It acts as reliable, protective barriers that prevent the transmission of organisms or blood-borne pathogens through the material, preventing hands from the exposure.

        • Lightly powdered using biodegradable USP very low level of cornstarch
        • Low level of soluble latex proteins
        • High tensile and elongation at break to prevent tearing during donning
        • Smooth glove donning surface provides a more natural feel
        • Easy donning

        Customise / private labelling can be arranged.

        Powder-Free Latex Gloves

        (Available in Non-Sterile)

        Powder Free Latex Examination Gloves are made to the same exacting standards coupled with our innovative manufacturing process. This state-of-the-art glove is setting new standards for maximum comfort, fit, tactile sensitivity and safety.

        • These gloves undergo a washing process which minimizes the sensitivities to allergic reactions. Easy donning properly and firm integrity.
        • Fitting Beaded Cuff for easy donning.
        • Fits more comfortably, reduced hand fatigue, perspiration and odourless
        • Extremely low level of soluble latex proteins to further reduce incidences of skin sensitivity reactions.
        • Better grip surface for maintaining dry grip and better in handling wet instruments.

        Customise / private labelling can be arranged.

        • Nitrile Gloves

          (Non-Sterile. Available in Powdered and Powder Free)

          Nitrile gloves are latex free, which has similar physical characteristics to the latex gloves. They are made from a synthetic polymer that contains no natural rubber latex proteins and have the stretchy characteristics like rubber, even without latex in them and offer good barrier protection to chemicals, oil and solvents.

          Nitrile gloves are suitable for users who are sensitive to natural rubber proteins. It has high resistance to wider range of toxic chemicals and solvents, like hydrocarbons, oils, fuel and other solvents.

          • 100% Latex Free, no concerns with latex allergies with nitrile rubber
          • Soft Nitrile stretchy formulation that conforms to hand fast, reducing muscle fatigue
          • Free of natural rubber proteins
          • Good resistance to chemicals, oil and solvents
          • Excellent puncture resistance
          • Good grip on the outer surface
          • Finger Textured surface for maintaining dry grip and better in handling wet instruments
          • Good donning properties
          • Odourless

          Customise / private labelling can be arranged.

          *user to predetermine the nature of chemicals and solvents in contact and to conduct their own evaluation.*

          • Vinyl Gloves

            (Non-Sterile. Available in Powdered and Powder Free)

            Vinyl gloves are latex free and made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Soft vinyl formulation gives greater comfort and more flexible and dexterous to wear. It is suitable for users who are sensitive to natural rubber proteins.

            Vinyl natural translucent colour with a comfortable fit and is less elastic than the latex gloves.

            Good chemical resistance to acids and bases, easy donning and increased protection against chemical droplet.