Resistance Products Range

      This is a unique feature whereby the powder content on our products is significantly  lesser  than  the  other  brands  available  in  the  market. Powder  free  bands  are  more  comfortable  to  use  and  less  messy  to users. It would not powder or stain your dress or clothing.

      The   production   of   our   resistance   products   corporates   our Green Initiative Programme, ie the key raw materials are from sources close to  our  production  facility;  using  clean  form  of  energy;  and responsible waste water management in the production of every products.

      Manufactured  using  an  innovative  technology,  the  reduced  protein feature helps reduce the incidence of latex allergy.

      Our products have passed the endurance tests of 10,000 stretches under TUV GS Product Safety Mark Certification. This has proven our exercise products come with safety features with excellent elongation.