Our Condoms

The range of condoms carried by ANTz Latex comprises of exciting brand names in the condom industry to uplift condoms – awareness, attitudes and its use.

Our first brand, SURE ® TM has achieved overwhelming success since its debut launch in Europe. The vision to bring the ANTz Latex range of condoms to the rest of the world is our ultimate goal.

We recognise the dilemma faced by lovers all over the world – they do not wish to sacrifice their own sexual satisfaction in the process of protecting themselves and their partner. Addressing this issue, ANTz Latex aims to normalise and promote condom usage and safer sex worldwide. To date, the message seems to be hitting the globe gratifyingly, with condoms voted the healthiest, easiest and most preferred method of protection available.

    Our Condom Variants

    Through our broad selection of condoms, we aim to demons trate how much fun using condoms can be. To cater to customers individual needs and preferences, we provide condoms with different textures, flavours, thicknesses , colours and spermicidal lubrication. We also manufacture condoms in line with customers  specific packaging requirements and brands.

    Contract manufacturing of Private Labelling – OBM / OEM can be arranged.


      • Our Condoms Quality Assurance

        Our condom production plant is an ISO certified company. With a well-controlled and implemented QMS (Quality Management System for Medical Devices Manufacturer), our products are proven to meet various international standards and product license requirements, including :

        • ISO (Well-Recognised International Standard)
        • WHO (World Health Organisation Tender Standard)
        • EN (European Prophylactic Standard)
        • ASTM D (United States ASTM Standard)
        • US FDA 510 (K) PERMIT US Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)
        • TPD Canada Therapeutic Products Directorate (Health Canada Medical Devices Bureau)
        • TGA Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration
        • MEDSAFE New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority
        • MS (Malaysia SIRIM Standard)
        • GB (China Standard)
        • SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) 
        • NF (French Standard)
        • RUSSIA MCH Russia Ministry of Health
      • Our condoms are manufactured according to international Standards, ensuring the highest product quality. They also go through 100% electronic testing to detect pinholes and are monitored to ensure consistency and safety, which is our assurance of reliability.

      • Our stringent Quality Control includes testing such as Pin Holes, Tensile, Air Bust, Electrolyte Water, Water Leakage, Package Integrity and even Aging Test, where accelerated temperature is applied to simulate the effect of time on the condom.



        • Natural Rubber Latex Mixing
        • Dipping 
        • Quality Control
        • Washing and Drying 
        • Foiling and Packing 
        • Storage and Warehousing

        Each of the production stages takes place in a separate part of the factory, ensuring an absolutely clean manufacturing environment and the highest product quality. The state – of – the – art equipment and sophisticated production facilities help to ensure that the best possible standards are met in all stages of production.

        We are fully committed towards ensuring consistent quality in our products. Our mature production techniques and stringent quality control procedures not only help contribute towards making our products meet the stringent International Standards but surpassing them as well.