Dental Dam & Accessories

    • Dental Dam-product used by professionals in dentistry.

      The Dental Dam acts as a good protective barrier during endodontics and other restorative procedures.

    • Our high quality Powder-Free natural rubber latex Dental Dams (with residual powder of less than 2.0 milligramme per dental dam) are manufactured with the most stringent quality control with extensive research and development on the maximum reduction of water-soluble protein content in the Dental Dam.

    • Our Dental Dams are processed to a low protein content of less than 50 microgramme / dm2 of material, which is the minimum extractable protein level as mandated by the US FDA.

    • Cutting-edge advantage

      Our Latex Dental Dam is specially designed to be resilient, with a high tear tolerance to allow for the easy fixing of clamps. Together with its special features of being Powder-Free and Low Protein, making it the excellent choice for professional use.

    • Available Strength 

      Thin / Medium / Heavy


      Dimension and Packing

      5 inches / 127mm x 5 inches / 127mm

      (52 pieces to a box)                  OR

      6 inches / 152mm x 6 inches / 152mm

      (36 pieces to a box)


      Mint scented or unscented


      Green or Blue. Other colours upon request


      Square Cut

      Physical Strength


      Tensile Strength : 24.0 Mpa (min)

      Ultimate Elongation : 700% (min)


      CE and FDA registered


      Contract manufacturing of Private Labelling - OBM / OEM can be arranged.

      • Powder-Free Non Latex Dental Dam

        Designed to be especially resilient, our Non-Latex Dental Dam guarantees an expansion of 10 times from any original hole punched making it easy, fixing of clamps.

      • Our Powder-Free Non-Latex Dental Dam is made from Polyisoprene, a material that very closely resembles rubber. It has a similar polymer structure and physical properties as natural rubber minus the potential allergen of latex protein.

      • Designed and developed as a superior product, our Powder-Free Non-Latex Dental Dam offers a high tear tolerance (a minimum expansion of 10 times from the original punch hole), great tensile strength (above 20MPa) and a good modulus level (1.0MPa), all of which are crucial in the practical and efficient application of the dental dam. It is made to achieve a very high stretchability consistent with a good tear tolerance.

        Our Non-Latex Dental Dam is available in Mint - Purple. It is supplied in ready cut squares or rolls of sheeting.

      • Strength Medium
        Dimension and Packing  

        6 inches / 152mm x 6 inches / 152mm

        (15 pieces to a box)

        Scent Mint scented
        Colour Purple
        Edging Square cut
        Physical Strength  

        Tensile Strength : 20.0 Mpa (min)

        Ultimate Elongation : 700% (min)

        Certifications CE and FDA registered